Achieve your goals and and sustain your progress with the guidance of a professional Vegan Coach


What do Paul McCartney, Thom Yorke, Prince and Shania Twain all have in common? guessed it, they are all vegans.  But, you don’t need to be celebrity to embrace a vegan ”trend”. You too are a rock-star and deserve to eat like one. In fact, a vegan diet is not a trend, but a realization that  consuming a plant based diet results in looking and feeling your absolute best.

Coaching is for all who want to...

  • Lose weight permanently without dieting
  • Reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and protect against cancer and heart disease
  • Learn how to cook quick, easy and delicious meals


Coaching is also for...

  • Self described picky, vegetable loathing eaters...we’ll change that, just let me in your kitchen
  • Athletes, elite and weekend warriors, looking for that competitive edge
  • Pregnant women needing dietary support for both themselves and their pea in the pod


Together we will:

  • Create awareness around your current patterns and discover areas of missed opportunity
  • Identify specific, measurable goals and methods to help track your progress
  • Design individualized meal plans and recipes based on your unique preferences, schedule and lifestyle
  • Integrate the information from your sessions into a daily practice to create long-term, sustainable results


Coaching will NOT:

  • Be preachy - Instead, you’ll decide which aspects of a vegan diet interest you most 
  • Demand perfection - Like anything in life there will be lots of experimentation on the way to discovery
  • Limit your diet to rabbit food - In contrast your culinary horizons will expand as you discover the rich flavors, textures and aromas of cuisine from around the world


Start with a single session or invest in a package