Shea Rose’s Favorite Things: "Yoga instructor › Nina Hayes. She also makes vegan desserts—ask her after class" - Boston Magazine

"Nina's teaching inspires one to excel in movement with intention.  She encourages the student to practice with purpose yet flexibility to explore the full spectrum of the practice of yoga."

-Diane Charipar

"Nina is a fantastic teacher. Very warm, supportive and welcoming. She feels like the new friend you haven't met yet!"

-Daren McKelvey 

"Class with Nina is always refreshing, relaxing and challenging.  A couple of years ago, I started practicing yoga a little here and there but after just a few private sessions with Nina, I became motivated to make a commitment to my practice.  Now, I practice regularly and I am noticing changes within myself.  I am a medical device sales rep that often works in environments that are physically and mentally demanding.  I feel that I am learning to become a better balanced person and I have Nina to thank for helping me find my practice, which in turn, is helping improve my life."


"Great class to transition back into regular practice. Nina was very encouraging and positive which allowed me to be comfortable with myself and push my limits when I could. She also started the session with a song by Sigur Ros which is always relaxing for me!"


"I was originally dragged to a yoga class by a friend because I was way too stressed out from my job lol.  For me, yoga is not just about stretching, it is about learning how to relax the brain and for that you need a teacher with a deep knowledge of yoga, as well as, a good 'presence'.

Yoga teachers are in many ways like conductors in an orchestra (I grew up playing the cello).  Conductors by the force of their personality and presence are able to control the mood and timbre of a symphony orchestra.  Yoga teachers believe it or not can kind of do the same in a yoga class, helping people to disconnect from the workday and learn to center.  

Nina not only has a deep knowledge of the theory behind yoga she also has that 'symphony conductor' presence.   That is a rare combination I think to find in a yoga teacher.  I highly recommend her!"

-Rob O.